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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Vidina solutions and who is it good for?

We at Vidina help our clients excel in business with our immersive technologies.

We develop machine learning-based 3D design platforms by interpreting neural network science to produce hyperrealistic, modifiable avatars, objects and virtual landscapes in real-time, all by using a smartphone or webcam. Our solutions revolutionize the 3D content creation processes by using mixed reality to render new landscapes and visualizations, allowing physical and digital objects to occupy the same space and interact in real time.

The result is an immersive approach that helps employees tap into new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and cost savings.

Tap into new worlds of possibility, for 3D landscape architects who need a precise design system that is compatible with any satellite data source. We provide an online platform that allows creators to generate hyper-realistic virtual landscapes at any scale, in real time based on location and weather conditions, and share the result in mixed reality.

For agile 3D designers, who want to significantly reduce modeling time, we provide a precise online design platform that allows object images captured by a smartphone or webcam to be uploaded, custom-tailored and immediately shared with clients as a hyperrealistic visualization in mixed reality.

For avatar modeling professionals who are short on time and need a compact, high-end technology to create hyper-realistic 3D avatars in real time. We provide an online platform that allows professionals to upload assets captured by a smartphone camera or webcam to generate hyperrealistic 3D avatars, modify and use them in mixed reality environments either as AI models or mapped representations of the actual model.

How much does it cost?

Our solutions are available in 3 subscription plans.

The FREE plan is perfect for junior designers who are looking for innovative technologies to level up their businesses. Get started today.

The PRO plan is available for $25 per month month for each user, which provides additional features and larger storage capacity that is suitable for mid-size companies, design firms or entertainment businesses.

For businesses wanting to take it to the next level. Our ENTERPRISE subscription plan is available for $250 per month for each user designed to support 3D modeling in large-scale.

Additionally, we offer a completely custom-tailored business plan for potential partners, primarily for consultancies, large medical firms, or manufacturing holdings. If you would like to better understand the customization options and how Vidina solutions can support your business the best, please reach out to us via email:, or give us a call: (UK) +44 808 196 7600 TOLL-FREE, (US) +1 844 650 6130 TOLL-FREE

Is there a pilot available?

We recommend you to subscribe to the FREE plan, so you can have a hands-on experience about the capabilities of Vidina solutions. By having a go, you will have a better scope about the additional features you need, and you can upgrade for the plan that suits your needs best.

Regarding the fully custom solution, our customer service team is ready to provide you with all the information about a potential pilot. Please reach out to us at, or give us a call to talk over your specifications.

What makes it unique compared to other 3D modeling solutions?

We are proud to be pioneers in providing an interface in which you can design hyper-realistic 3D models of any objects, individuals, and entire architectural environments with only a smartphone camera. Additionally, the solution is capable of providing live, holographic display of interaction between two (or more) people in remote locations in real life, with or without headsets, in a shared 3D space.

How can I make sure I have the plan that perfectly fits my goals?

We created our subscription plans primarily based on the volume of the content you would like to create and the scale of your business.

Got any more questions? Our customer support team will provide you with a helping hand. Please feel free to reach out to us via email:, or give us a call on the line below.

How can I purchase the solutions?

Our customer service is here to answer all your questions related to the purchase options. pLease reach out to us directly at, or give us a call to talk about your plan.

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