XR in Business

Access massive gains in productivity and collaboration.

Connect your employees from around the world into virtual collaboration areas, helping them work together on projects without the heavy costs of travel and accomodation each year.

Users are more
connected within
VR content

Reduced travel

Greater focus within
the environment

Helps companies
reach sustainability


XR in Medicine

Train professionals in an immersive and safe environment

Medical staff can train in hyper-realistic scenarios that hone their skills ahead of their deployment, ensuring their safety and drilling their skills further. The simulations can be repeated over and over again, ensuring that the skills become second nature before they enter real-life scenarios.


XR in Training

Immersive training leads to a greater impact on performance combined with lower costs

Training employees in immersive spaces leads to a significant impact in skill retention and memory, with a 275% boost in people who would apply the skills afterwards.

The system also drastically saves costs, ensuring that employees do not need to travel to off-site training facilities and spend their billable time on the expensive activities. The simulations are also repeatable, helping their skills, and designed to ensure their safety as they train in potentially hazardous situations:

  • Manufacturing
  • Fire safety
  • Corporate soft skills

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