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We believe that technological growth provides enormous benefits to humanity.

Welcome to Vidina

We develop spatial computing and XR collaboration interface using the next-generation low-cost and real-time volumetric video in VR/AR to produce hyperrealistic, modifiable avatars, objects and virtual landscapes in real-time by using only a smartphone or a webcam.

Our solutions revolutionize the 3D content creation process by using mixed reality to render new landscapes and visualizations, allowing physical and digital objects to occupy the same space and interact in real-time.




Mila Bessmann


Serial enterpreneur
15+ years of business
experience in finance
and XR

Sioban Ketelaar

Gordon Lang


Inventor, 25+
years of engineering
experience in Al and XR

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Vidina Solutions Ltd 90 Long Acre,
Covent Garden, London WC2E 9RZ
730 Arizona Avenue,
Santa Monica, California
90401 USA
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